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Your Wisdom Our Technology
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Capture Your Wisdom

Your organization has many people with unique wisdom and skill.

What if you could capture this wisdom for sales, marketing, training and customer relations purposes?   

What if you could ePackage and capture the wisdom and skill of your organization (employees, services and products) into a single product - your own Private Branded .Net Secure Customer Communication Network, Co-Branded with AwareComm’s GOLD ISV Certification and Microsoft's Windows 7 LOGO Certification?

As a Microsoft Gold ISV, AwareComm offers an affordable process to ePackage your unique products, services and intellectual property, into intellectual assets, with Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Online CRM - delivered as a single product.

Your IP, Products and Services are delivered through the AwareComm Network Platform that creates “Customers for Life.”  Bundled Microsoft Office 365 (Lync, SharePoint), InTune, CRM… your IP, products and services are ePackaged with built-in:

  • Security Integration
  • CPU Based Passwords for Network Centers/Content
  • Content Book Store with eCommerce / Authentication Passwords
  • ISBN Assignment of ePublications
  • Flipbooks Flash Delivery with Audio, Video and Animation
  • PLT – Transformational Un-learning and Re-Learning Process
  • Online Feedback Self-Assessments – Based on Content Bio-Feedback Technology
  • Pay it Forward – Network Building with Copy / Loan Member Permissions

It’s A Simple Process

The AwareComm Private Branded, Communication Network includes direct access to
The “Wisdom Incubator 365.” The “Wisdom Incubator 365” initiates a process to:

 Capture Your Idea

Capture, create, develop and explore orginal thoughts and ideas, within a private, secure, protected, structured and collaborative cloud (online) environment.

Develop Your Idea

 Learn how to develop your thoughts and ideas in a way that
speaks to your audiance (customer) and evokes:
  ·     Interest
  ·     Information
  ·     Imagination
  ·     Invitation
  ·     Implementation
                    o    Application – Realization and Acknowledgment of Benefits
                    o    Participation – Joining the Private Membership Community
                    o    Contribution – Customer Leadership and User Experience Publishing
                                                     (Customer APPs)

In "the Wisdom Incubator 365" develop the thoughts and ideas, into a product prototype, through Participation, Contribution and Collaboration, based on proven business practices (BI):
                  •     Critical Thinking Skills (IQ) (Cause and Effect)
                  •     Interdependence (Shared Authority, Responsibility and Accountability)
                  •     Expanded Awareness (Consciousness) (SQ) (Intuition, Creativity, Spontaneity and Discovery)

Test Your Idea - Protoype

Perfect the idea through pilot testing and practical feedback -
To attain “across the board” acceptance and support within your network / market. 

ePackage Your Idea - Product

Package is the final focal point of product, marketing, sales, delivery and customer satisfaction.  Product packaging is what holds the final communication (image, expectations, utilization) for a product.

A strong brand name is what invokes trust, dependability and reliability as the opening expectation.  
Co-branding allows a stronger brand to support a new and unknown brand by association.

The added benefit of the e-packaging delivery is that it provides you, with the ultimate communication device to maintain more effective communication by inviting your customers to translate their application of your intellectual assets into new and exciting applications for their industry.  They can then sell their intellectual property (packaged as intellectual assets) with your Microsoft package.


Implementation and Results

Implementation and ePackaging of the idea into software products that become:
·         Self-Funding
·         Self-Perpetuating
·         Self-Regulating

The end result is an organization that evolves into a unified movement that encompasses - professional standards that are implemented with proven business principles rooted in “Customers/Members for Life”.



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