Tools for Change in a Changing World

We live in a world of change.

  • Jobs are Changing
  • Training is Changing
  • Education is Changing
  • The Economy is Changing
  • Health Care Systems are Changing
  • Values of the people are Changing
  • Social Fabric of our world is Changing
  • Spiritual Fabric of our world is Changing





The Question is
do we see the change?  

Can we change with the changing times?

Many of us CANNOT change even if our life depends on it!

We have come to see the world and the way things are as absolutes.  We have been conditioned to see only the positive and to hold on to illusionary beliefs that “things will always get better.”  We have been trained to believe that there is always more... and bigger is always better.  

As the world changes environmentally, how many of us really recycle, conserve water or care about our carbon foot print – we say we do, but what do our actions say?

We have been trained to fear change.  We have been trained to be positive instead of REALISTIC.

We have never been taught how to deal with change.  When change happens, we find ourselves entangled in a web of control without the tools to maintain charge of our emotions, behaviors and lives.  We simply don’t know HOW to change!   Life Skills U (LSU) was formed to fill this void.

Life Skills U provides an educational platform of understanding HOW we as people react or respond to change, providing an educational platform to help us understand ourselves, others and the world around us.


If you are looking for TOOLS FOR CHANGE we invite you to explore.


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