SOS Coaching and The 5 Stage Learning Process

Bridging the Space Between Proven Theory and Design and  Practical Application

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The Pocket Wisdom Process is a structured, supported and empowering process that provides the tools for emotional maturity through a supported educational process.  The Pocket Wisdom program consists of 5 interdependent stages which blend technology and methodology into a structured educational and learning process.  The process uses offline/online learning, to provide people with the optimal learning experience.  Using PLT eMods™  the learner goes through a process of:  

  • Computer Viewings: Principle-Based PLT eMod™ Learning (offline computer viewings).
  • Interactive Workbooks / Study Guides: Workbooks to document progress (offline workbooks).
  • Facilitation with Peer Co-Facilitation: Online facilitation to learn about the cause and effect of principles (online VoIP).
  • Content Coaching: Professional / Coaching review and feedback of the workbooks for personal application of material (online / email).
  • Learner Participation: Learner Co-Facilitation, Content Contribution and Learner Applications (learner stories) published in CNP (Closed-Network Publishing) eMods and

Smart Phone Applications.  Learner Applications allow  a learner’s insight to be converted into transferable Recovery Wisdom – Pocket Wisdom Emotional Sobriety Book.  Learner Applications are published for personal ownership of the learning experience and as examples of how to attain success using the lessons and principles of the learning module.

Life Skills U Five Stage Process

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