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     A New Foundation for Experiencing and Developing Life Skills to Enhance our Human Understanding and Conquering
     The Emotional Aspects of Life's Challenges in a Way that Results in More Effective Relationships, HealthCare and
      Job Satisfaction / Performance 

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Life Skills U is the bridge between business and human understanding. As a subsidiary of AwareComm, Life Skills U offers a network where technology, philosophy and principles are put into ACTION for sustainable solutions!


Why is Life Skills U’s connection with AwareComm® important?

AwareComm® as a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner is providing resources to the 250,000 Microsoft Enterprise and SMB partners, servicing 2 Billion computers by providing them with Private Branded Secure Closed Networks (built on the AwareComm Platform). These private networks need sustainable resources for their partners and employees. All private branded enterprise and SMB networks offer a link to explore personal and business solutions offered by Life Skills U.

The Life Skills U Network offers free (low cost) classes to AwareComm’s Enterprise and SMB Network. Service Providers have the opportunity to deliver NO-Cost / Low Cost solutions to private closed enterprise companies, without the added expense of public relations, marketing, sales, product delivery and customer support. Life Skills U philosophy is to provide free services that introduce individual independence, enabling the service provider to expand their services as a reliable and trust advisor, counselor or coach.

Nominal setup costs and subscription billing (based on the number of users) means no-risk and high return on investment.

Everybody WINS!!!

An Invitation  to "The Learning Age"

If you are provider of services or an entrepreneur within the span of our curriculum (see below) and would like to explore joining Life Skills U Educational Network, we invite you to learn more about becoming a Professional Content Creator in the Life Skills U Wisdom Incubator Program.

       Business and Organizations
             Health Care and Wellness

The Wisdom Incubator 365 - A Few of the FREE Classes Available

Business Skills

     4 "I"s
   Customers for Life System
      Develop Your Business Idea
           into Courseware Products and Services
   Offer Self-Sufficiency Skills
          as both Courseware Products and Services  


Technical Skills

  Microsoft Office 2010: 
   Word                           Web Expression
   PowerPoint                Office 365

Personal Skills

    Writing Skills
   Pocket Wisdom
   4 Absolutes
   4 "I"s
   Life Paths
   Recovery PLUS  


Income Oppportuntites

    Develop Your Business Idea
           into Courseware Products and Services
   Offer Self-Sufficiency Skills
          as both Courseware Products and Services
   Facilitator for Pocket Widsom
   Faciliator for Recovery PLUS
   Website Design



Network Evalution Assessment

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Unite Your Membership
(This Presentation Uses the Chiropractic Industry as an Example)

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  • "The Wisdom Incubator 365 Business Intelligence" eMod
  • "The Wisdom Incubator 365 Learn and Earn" eMod
  • "Inverted Long Tail" eMod

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