About Life Skills U

About Life Skills U

 Life Skills U provides a private community network dedicated to providing life skills education to increase sustainability in people through a transformational learning process (unlearning and relearning) that to effectively boost IQ (intellectual quotient), EQ (emotional quotient) and SQ (spiritual quotient) in a scientifically proven, patented and tested way. We seek to provide people with the tools to become enlightened and empowered to take charge of their lives.

We have 23 years of tested and proven case studies with phenomenal results using the life skills program called “Pocket Wisdom.” Pocket Wisdom is a principle-based educational process that is based on state-of-the-art Personal Learning Technology, powered by eMod Learning Systems (eMods). An unique blend of Socratic learning accompanied by transformative learning tools builds emotional intelligence and resilience in ALL learners, which allows for effective learning from the gifted to the challenged and all those in between.

PLT eMods™ communicate information to the brain in a holistic and transformational way, by balancing the brain activity (through balanced-brain learning; transformational learning; whole brain thinking and the development of metacognitive skills) the awareness to the spiritual center becomes real, fear is reduced and mind-body-spirit connection works interdependently. In doing so, the Pocket Wisdom process facilitates open-mindedness to new information and increased self-awareness which enables us to be better able to understand and assimilate new information and apply new information to real life situations.

Life Skills U is a subsidiary of Awareness Communication Technology, LLC (AwareComm) is a privately held Software Research and Development firm. We have developed a Brandable ePublishing Offline / Online Delivery Platform (“eMods”) that fully incorporates the computer into the learning process with wisdom of the great minds of time by:

Bridging Theory into Practical Application
(The Soul of an eMod Overview Video or request detailed manuscript).

This platform allows individuals and organizations to transform their existing content into professionally choreographed desktop education / training software-courseware proven to reach all audiences (learners) and improve learning for when retention and results count. AwareComm has a track record of excellence for over 23 years.




An Invitation

I am selecting Strategic Partner Relationships with industry leaders to join with me in bringing this new architecture and technology to the market to “Transcend From The Information Age to The Learning Age” ...

If you would like a 30 minute confidential telephone conference to discuss how we can offer a new approach to expanding the market opportunities in a competitive world, while making the world a better place contact us.


Richard Jorgensen, Ph.D. (hc)
Founder and Chief Executive Officer


Life Skills U a Division of AwareComm

A New Disruptive Technology for Business Growth and Development 

The Next Generation of Social and Business Communication and Learning Network

AwareComm where innovation meets integrity, passion and purpose.  AwareComm is a 24 year old Gold Microsoft Research and Development firm. 

The founder and CEO, Dr Richard Jorgensen is a veteran and innovator in the IT world.  He established AwareComm with the goal to create an organization of principle and value, with the common mission and vision- “to leave this world better than we found it”. 

Here at AwareComm we have developed the State-of-the-Art technology and methodology to do just that – technology that will ensure you are no longer dependent on the internet for communication and marketing purposes.   

We are looking for OEMs, strategic partners, content creators and organizations to join with to secure, capture and define information and content in a way that creates value and purposeful communication and collaboration. 


Life Skills U Culture

AwareComm's culture is founded in the Culture Program taught by LifeSkillsU.org rooted in:

Corporate Absolutes

              Purity of Intent
                    Trust Based upon:
                                   > What is real
                                   > Observation Without Judgment
                                   >  Finding Intrinsic Value

Corporate Values

Principles of:
Trust / Love * Equality * Contribution/Support * Maturity
 Personal Power

Corporate and Personal Identity

Culture Training
Organizational Culture for Living:
Passion * Purpose * Skill * Wisdom
Measured by Contribution and Results

Product Knowledge

Defining the Problem and Offering Solutions
Website Knowledge
Infrastructure Knowledge
Demo Products Knowledge

Market Knowledge

Prospect Needs
Development of Content
Infrastructure Knowledge


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