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Life Skills U is committed to developing self-sufficiency and independence by offering education for:

                ~ Personal Fitness ~ HealthCare ~ Addiction Recovery ~ Income opportunities ~ Transformational Education:  IQ  EQ SQ

Life Skills U is committed to developing self-sufficiency and independence through Communities that are:

  • Self-Funding
  • Self-Perpetuating 
  • Self-Regulating 

... that Delivers the Dependability of Federal Express
             with The Magic of Disneyland.

Technology and Methodology Support the Human System

“To function in the digital age, we have developed a new digital infrastructure---it is the human nervous system.  Companies need to have that same kind of nervous system---the ability to run smoothly and efficiently, to respond quickly to emergencies and opportunities, to quickly get valuable information to the interested people in the company who need it, and the ability to quickly make decisions and interact with customers.  The successful companies of the next decade will be the ones that use digital tools to reinvent the way they work.”                     - Bill Gates

Practical Solutions and Preventative Education From Top Professional Providers Offering Educational-Based Solutions

In today’s economy value for money has become of increasing importance. Gone are the days when we could rely on the services of others to fulfill all our needs. Becoming more and more self sufficient is one of the major ways to cut costs. To fulfill this need many service providers are engaging in a practical educational process known as "the PLT eMod Learning Process."

Using State-of-the-Art eMod™ Learning Technology, skilled service providers are transforming the wisdom that they have gained over the years into educational software courses....Passing on their wisdom to you.

eMods allow you to study and learn at your convenience, any-time, any-where without having to connected to the internet and run up bandwidth costs.



Your service provider remains available to you online/on site for counsel, facilitation and support. They become your partners. They teach you the practical application of their wisdom, so you become more and more self-sufficient and empowered.  It is win-win-win !

An Invitation

If you are an individual, family or organization seeking solutions, we invite you to explore the Free Flip eBooks and eMods and don't miss out on the online classes.

If you are provider of services or an entrepreneur within the span of our curriculum and would like to explore joining Life Skills U Educational Movement, we invite you to learn more about becoming a Professional Content Creator in the Life Skills U Wisdom Incubator Program.


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